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Johannes Martinus Petrus van Oudheusden

Servicenumber :  
Rank : Korporaal
Regiment : Depot Geneeskundige troepen
Unit : 13e Batterij Luchtdoelartillerie
Date of Death : 20-02-1943
Age : 37
Grave : Row 10. Grave 17.
Johannes Martinus Petrus "Jan" van Oudheusden was born on 10 january 1906 in Tilburg, The Netherlands. As a conscript he served with the 2e Compagnie Hospitaalsoldaten (2nd Company Hospitalsoldiers). In 1927 his conscription ended and he started working in a factory. He lived at Koningshoeven 283 in Tilburg.
In 1939 he was drafted again, during the general mobilisation of The Netherlands. In 1940 he was promoted to Corporal. He served as an orderly with the 13e Batterij Luchtdoelartillerie (13th Battery Anti Air Artillery) near the Ypenburg Airfield in Rijkwijk, to the southeast of The Hague. On 10 May 1940 the 13th Battery was attacked by Stuka's and bombers and had to retreat. Van Oudheusden was helping the wounded and continued to do so under heavy German fire and even when he was wounded after being assaulted and mistreated by a German soldier.
Van Oudheusden died of his wounds on 20 february 1943 in Tilburg. He was buried in a Roman Catholic Churchyard in Tilburg.
On 19 july 1946 Van Oudheusden was posthumously awarded the Dutch Militaire Willemorde vierde klasse (Military Order of William, Knight 4th Class).
Van Oudheusden was reburied in the Military Field of Honour Grebbeberg on 11 february 1977.
In 1979 a barracks of the Dutch Army was named after Van Oudheusden. This barracks is the trainingcentre for the medical troops untill today.
Picture: 13-09-2016
Sources: Website Oorlogsgravenstichting, wikipedia and website http://wiki.regionaalarchieftilburg.nl


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