Sidney Bon Robert Knight      

Servicenumber : 5627302
Rank : Sergeant
Regiment : The Parachute Regiment
Unit : 11th Battalion
Date of Death : 25-09-1944
Age : 29
Grave :
Sidney Bon Robert Knight was a son of William Albert and Laura Knight. He was married to Joyce Annie Jarvis Knight of East Dulwich, London. He served with the 1st Special Air Service Regiment and later made the transfer to the Parachute Regiment, where he served with the Intelligence Section at Battalion Headquarters, 11th Battalion.
The authors of the book 'Arnhem Their Final Battle' (Gerrit Pijpers and David Truesdale) wrote about Sidney Bon Robert Knight on pages 105 and 106. They quote private John Bosley of the Intelligence Section, Headquarters Company, 11th Battalion: 'This morning I was together with RQMS Dave Morris and others from my Battalion in the house at the Weverstraat opposite the Church. Acting Sergeant Sidney B.R. 'Rocky' Knight came to the house and ordered me and others to go with him. Sergeant Knight was a tough character, strict, but a real leader. He took over command of the Intelligence Section after Sergeant Mike Elliot was killed on the drop on the Ginkel Heath. We patrolled and searched an area towards the railway line to Nijmegen, attracting a lot of enemy fire. I dived into a ditch that was partly filled with water and got quite wet. During the afternoon Sergeant Knight took us again on patrol to an area a few hundred yards west of the Church.'
According to the Roll of Honour published by the Society of Friends of the Airborne Museum (Jan Hey 1999 and 2011) Knight is known to have been killed at the time of the withdrawal over the Rhine in Oosterbeek in the night of 25/26 september 1944. 
Knight has no known grave. His name is on panel 8  of the Groesbeek Memorial, which commemorates by name more than 1000 soldiers who died during te campaign in north-west Europe between the time of crossing the Seine at the end of August 1944 and the end of the war in Europe, and whose graves are not known.
Sources: Website CWGC, Roll of Honour and 'Arnhem Their Final Battle'