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Military Field of Honour Grebbeberg

Information from Wikipedia and website of the Oorlogsgravenstichting (War Graves Foundation):
The Military Field of Honour Grebbeberg is a graveyard where more than 850 military personnel are buried. More than 400 of the interred here fell during the Battle of the Grebbeberg in may 1940. 
Immediately after the surrender of the Netherlands, a cemetery was laid out at the Grebbeberg for both Dutch and German dead. On 20 may 1940, the cemetery was completed and all the dead were buried. On 27 may all field graves were cleared from the perimeter of the Grebbeberg and the remains were buried in the cemetery. The cemetery then contained 380 Dutch graves and about 150 German graves. 
After the German surrender, all German graves were moved to the Ysselsteyn German War Cemetery. Until 1 january 1952 the cemetery was maintained by the Ministery of Defense, which at that date, transferred it to the Netherlands War Graves Foundation.
Since 1946, this cemetery serves as a national memorial site. Here the military memorial ceremony is held on Remembrance of the Dead on 4 may.

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