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Dordrecht General Cemetery

Information from the website https://www.tracesofwar.nl and information of the CWGC:
Dordrecht is a town on the river Maas in the province of South Holland. It is 20 kilometres south-east of Rotterdam and 30 kilometres north-north-west of Breda. From the A16, Breda to Rotterdam road, take the exit for Dordrecht and turn right into Laan der Verenigde Naties, then turn left into the Nassauweg. The cemetery is situated on the right-hand side of this road. The Commonwealth graves are located at the rear entrance, to the left of the centre path.

In this cemetery 94 casualties of World War II are buried, both military and civilian. Most of them are officers and other ranks of the Dutch Army who were killed in May 1940 during fighting at Dordrecht. The Dordrecht area was an important target for the Germans because of the bridges across some main rivers. The Germans opened the attack with an Airborne operation to capture the bridges at Moerdijk and Zwijndrecht.

Also some members of the Dutch resistance are buried in this cemetery and some civilians who were forced to work for the Germans in Germany.

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