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Willem van Brummelen

Date of Birth : 16-03-1923
Date of Death : 17-09-1944
Age : 21
Cemetery : Oosterbeek General Cemetery south
Willem van Brummelen was a son of Willem Antonie van Brummelen, a mason (bricklayer) of Oosterbeek, and Antje van Brummelen (née Hogeweij) of Arnhem. His parents married at Renkum on 21 may 1908. Willem was born at Oosterbeek. He was a car mechanic and lived at Renkum or Oosterbeek.
According to Cor Janse, author of the book Blik Omhoog, Van Brummelen lived at his parents' house at Steenenkruis 32, Oosterbeek. On 17 september 1944 he was with his girlfriend when the 388th Bomb Group of the US Air Force bombed a flak position west of the railwaybridge at Oosterbeek. Van Brummelen was hit by shrapnel while standing in the doorway of his girlfriends house.
The authors of De Zwarte Herfst (Black Autumn), C.A. Dekkers and L.P.J. Vroemen, also wrote about Van Brummelen. According to them he was hiding for the Germans at Oosterbeek. 
Van Brummelen was buried in a mass grave in the Oude Begraafplaats (Old Cemetery) at the Fangmanweg at Oosterbeek. He was reburied in Oosterbeek General Cemetery on 22 june 1945, in a collective grave in a plot for civilian casualties of WW II. 
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