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Hindrik Boven

Date of Birth : 10 january 1902
Date of Death : 23 april 1945
Age : 43
Cemetery : Midwolda
Organisation : Landelijke Organisatie voor Hulp aan Onderduikers (LO)
Hindrik Boven was born in Midwolda, The Netherlands. He was a son of Egbert Boven (1875-1946) and Anje Boven (nee Koetje. 1880-1945). He had a sister called Annechien (1905-1918). 
Boven was working as a civil servant at the town clerk's office in Midwolda. He married Nieske Heikens (1902-1992) on 25 november 1927. He worked for the Landelijke Organisatie voor Hulp aan onderduikers (National Organisation for Help to People in Hiding). As a civil servant he was able falsefy identitypapers and ration cards for people in hiding. He was arrested for his work after one of the people in hiding was arrested and made to talk by the Germans. Boven was sent to concentration camp Vught in The Netherlands. He was held prisoner there for about 6 months and was then released.
He was arrested for a second time, this time on orders of the national socialist mayor of Midwolda and on 10 may 1944 Boven was transported to Germany. 
Boven died in concentration camp Buchenwald, probably he died of exhaustion. On 12 august 1950 he was officially pronounced dead.
Hindrik Boven is honoured with the Hindrik Bovenlaan in Midwolda.  
Sources: 'Het grote gebod deel 1' and website www.archieven.nl