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Evert Hendrik Jan Boven ("Nico" or "De Lange")   

Date of Birth : 5 november 1919
Date of Death : 4 november 1944
Age : 24
Cemetery : Algemene Begraafplaats Oosterbeek
Organisation : Landelijke Organisatie voor Hulp aan Onderduikers (LO)
Evert Boven was born on 5 november 1919 in Zwolle. He was an accountant.
In september 1942 he went into hiding when the Germans started looking for him because of his activities with the Gereformeerde Jeugdcentrale (a Christian youthclub) in Groningen. This youthclub was forbidden by the Germans in june 1942.
Boven went into hiding at his uncle's house, together with his brother Christiaan Frederik Boven. His brother was allready involved with the Landelijke Organisatie voor Hulp aan onderduikers (National Organisation for Help to People in Hiding) and Evert Boven also joined them. He became the leader of the Gelderland branch of this organisation. At first he refused this position, because he thought he was too young for it. 
In 1944 Boven was involved in raids on prisons in Arnhem. On 11 may 1944 the Koepelgevangenis (Dome prison) in Arnhem was raided to free Frits Slomp, the national leader of the LO. The raid was succesful.
As a result of German investigation of the raid on the Dome prison Boven's uncle Eef Zwarts, who owned the Hemeldal villa in Oosterbeek, was arrested. He was locked up in the pre-trial prison at the Walburgstraat in Arnhem. Because he was tortured and would possibly break or die, the decission was made to get him out of prison. After three failed or aborted attempts Boven came up with a new plan. This time the raid, on 11 june 1944, was succesful and 55 (some source say 54 or 56) prisoners were freed. 
Boven was arrested in the night of 16/17 august 1944 at a farm in Heelsum. It is said the Germans made him walk through Arnhem as if he was still free. Then they arrested everybody who tried to get in contact with Boven.
Boven was send to concentration camp Vught and later to Germany. He died on 4 november 1944 in Husum-Schewing concentration camp, a subcamp of the Neuengamme concentration camp. He was reburied in Oosterbeek in may 1955. In september 1957 the headstone was placed by some of his old friends of the resistance.
There is a street called the Nico Bovenweg in Oosterbeek nowadays.  
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