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Pieter Christiaan Bonkerk

Servicenumber : .
Rank : Korporaal (Corporal)
Regiment : Regiment Huzaren
Unit : 2e Eskadron, 2e Regiment
Date of Death : 10-05-1940
Age : 22
Grave : Plot 15. Row H. 
Pieter Christiaan Bonkerk was born on 27 June 1917 in Assendelft, The Netherlands. He was a son of Adriaan Christiaan Bonkerk and Jannetje Bonkerk (nee Schoone). He was married to Hendrika Bonkerk (nee Voorn). According to some sources Bonkerk Dijkers served with 2e Eskadron, 3e Regiment. 
On 10 May 1940 he was part of a 4-men patrol under command of cornet Carel Everhard van Limburg Stirum, together with hussar (Lance-Corporal) Johannes Gerardus Dijkers and hussar Kuperus. They positioned themselves on the upper floor of the cafe South Ginkel on the Ginkel Heath near Ede. They had a good view on the road from Arnhem to Ede. Suddenly a German unit approached the cafe from the back. It was a patrol of the 15. (Kraderkundigungszug) Motor-kompanie of the SS Regiment 'Der Führer'. Van Limburg Stirum exited the cafe at the front and was shot in the head. Dijkers and Bonkerk tried to get out on one side and were both also shot in the head. Kuperus managed to hide himself and return to Dutch lines when the Germans retreated. According to some sourced Van Limburg Stirum, Dijkers en Bonkerk were executed. The three men were killed somewhere between 1500hrs and 1800hrs. It is thought Van Limburg Stirum tried to slow down the German advance to give his men the opportunity to escape. He was awarded the Bronzen Kruis. 
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Memorial plaque for the three killed men at the Cafe South Ginkel
Sources: Website Oorlogsgravenstichting, website www.geldersarchief.nl and website www.erfgoedede.nl 


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