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Antonie Hubertus Bodaan

Servicenumber :
Rank : Reserve 1e Lieutenant Vlieger
Regiment : 1e Luchtvaartregiment
Unit : 2e afdeling, 2e groep
Date of Death : 10-05-1940
Age : 25
Grave : Row 13. Grave 56.
Antonie Hubertus "Ton" Bodaan was born on 5 august 1914 in Pandang Boelan, Dutch East Indies (today Indonesia). His father Laurens was a preacher. In 1919 the family returned to The Netherlands and Antonie grew up in Rotterdam. Shortly after his 20th birthday he became a pilot in joined the Air Force. In 1936 he had to bail out of a D-XXI and open his parachute with a broken arm.
On 10 may 1940 he was the pilot of a Fokker D-XXI. He operated from Schiphol airport and brought down several German planes on 3 different flights. On his last flight he was shot in the head and his plane crashed near Rhoon, The Netherlands. His body was recovered on 26 may and he was buried on 30 may 1940 in Rotterdam. On 3 june 1940 he was reburied in The Hague in a familygrave. On 16 february 1996 he was reburied in the Military Field of Honour Grebbeberg.
On 9 may 1946 Bodaan was awarded with the Dutch Militaire Willemsorde, Ridder der 4e klasse. His citation mentioned he started his plane while Schiphol was bombarded by German planes and attacked the Germans. After his guns were empty he landed and reloaded his guns, with help of a ground crew, and again attacked the Germans. All this time he was still under fire from German fighter planes. On his third and last flight he escorted 3 bombers who attacked German troops in Rotterdam. 
Picture: 13-09-2016
Sources: Website Oorlogsgravenstichting and wikipedia