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Roelf Hinderikus Bartels

Date of Birth : 25 september 1868
Date of Death : 14 december 1942
Age : 74
Cemetery : Dutch Field of Honour Hamburg
Organisation : RAF Group Maastricht
Roelf Hinderikus Bartels was born on 25 september 1868 in Groningen. He was a member of the Dutch resistancegroup RAF Group Maastricht. The RAF group collected weapons and explosives for sabotage purposes and made an underground newspaper called 'Oranje Koerier'. The group members were mainly former Dutch soldiers. When they started their activities they helped escaped French prisoners of war to get to Great Britain through Belgium. At the end of 1941 the group was arrested after a traitor infiltrated the group. In total 23 persons were arrested and most of them died in German concentration camps.  
Roelf Hinderikus Bartels was arrested in Maastricht, The Netherlands on 28 november 1941. He was sent to concentration camp Amersfoort in The Netherlands and arrived in Neuengamme on 30 october 1942. 
Picture: 29-10-2016
Sources: Website Oorlogsgravenstichting and website www.monument.vriendenkringnuengamme.nl 


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