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Willem Frederik Anceaux

Servicenumber :
Rank : 1e Luitenant Vlieger (1st Lieutenant Flying officer)
Regiment : 1e Luchtvaartregiment 
Unit : 2e afdeling, 1e groep
Date of Death : 13-05-1940
Age : 27
Grave : Row 10. Grave 33.
Willem Frederik Anceaux was born on 27 november 1912 in Rotterdam. Before the Second World War he worked as a pilot for the K.L.M.
On 13 may 1940 only a small number of Dutch airplanes were operational. At about 04.30 hrs the order was given to destroy the Moerdijkbridges in an attempt to stop the German advance in The Netherlands. There was only one bomber available at the time, a Fokker T-5 (serial 856). The bridges were captured by German parachutists and German ground troops were on their way to the bridges.
At about 05.05 the T-5, with a fighter escort of 2 Fokker G-1's, took off from Schiphol airfield. Anceaux was the pilot of the T-5. They reached the bridges, but where then attacked by 8 German Messcherschmitt Me-109's. According to witnesses the bombs were dropped but missed their targets. On the way back the T-5 and one of the G-1's were shot down near Ridderkerk. The remaining G-1 landed safely back at Schiphol around 06.00 hrs. The official report of Anceaux's unit says one bomb was dropped and during a second run the T-5 was shot down. 
The entire crew of 5 men of T-5 856 was killed. Their names are: Bernardus Swagerman (commander), Willem Frederik Anceaux (pilot), Olaf Waldemar Douwes Dekker (co-pilot), Gerrit Arnold van Riemsdijk (wireless operator) and Joachem Wijnstra (gunner). 
Hauptmann Karl Ebbinghausen of Jagdgeschwader 26 claimed he shot down both Dutch aircraft in het Me-109. It is said his Me-109 is now on display in Duxford, England. 
Picture: 13-09-2016
Sources: Website Oorlogsgravenstichting, website www.bhummel.dds.nl and website www.anceaux.nl 


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