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Rémy Alexandre Amaudru

Servicenumber : 5913 (Corps) 916 (Recrutement)
Rank : Sapeur (Sapper)
Regiment : 4eme Régiment de Génie (4th Engineer Regiment)
Unit :
Date of Death : 04-09-1916
Age : 24
Grave :
Remé Alexandre Amaudru was born on 7 november 1891 in Saint Martin d'Hères, in the Isère department, France. 
He disappeared in the Tavannes Tunnel, a 1000 metres long tunnel used as barracks, first aid post and ammunitions depot near Verdun. On Monday 4 september 1916 a huge explosion took place in the tunnel. Apparently the cargo of a mule had caught fire, probably because of the cooking of the soldiers. The fire increased immensely, caused by the air current in the tunnel and turned into an inferno. Everybody panicked and over 500 soldiers were killed.  
Picture: 13-08-2016
Sources: Website memoires des hommes and website www.wereldoorlog1418.nl 


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