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My name is Marcel (born in 1974). I live near the Sterksel War Cemetery and I work in a hospital. I am married and we have one son.
I was a soldier in the Dutch Army from 1993 till 1998. I served with a medical unit and was posted in Bosnia twice. Each time for half a year. (IFOR 1 and SFOR 3). 
I am interested in the Second World War and especially in Operation Market Garden (Battle at Arnhem). 
I started this website because I wanted to know more about the men buried at Sterksel and I wanted to share the information I find with other people who want to find information about these men (like relatives). This site is also meant to make sure their names live on. 
My plan is to include information about all the cemeteries in The Netherlands (and maybe in other countries) where men are buried who died during or shortly after Operation Market Garden. This includes Allied soldiers, German soldiers, members of the Dutch resistance and civilians.
On the website www.warveterans.nl I want to add information about veterans of different military conflicts in history.  
Sarajevo in the 1990's Bosnia in the 1990's 
Dutch newspaper in 2014

Scottish newspaper 2014