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Herman van Aarem   

Date of Birth : 27-03-1921
Date of Death : 19-03-1942
Age : 20
Cemetery : Plot E. Grave 988
Organisation : .
Herman van Aarem was born on 27 March 1921 in Tjimahi, Dutch East Indies (Cimahi, Indonesia today). He was a son of Edgar Jan van Aarem and Jacomina Hermina van Aarem. He was living in The Hague, The Netherlands, when the Germans invaded The Netherlands in May 1940. In 1942 he tried to reach the United Kingdom from The Netherlands, but he was captured by the Germans. On 17 March 1942 he was sentenced to death and two days later he and 4 other Dutchmen, Charles Ferdinand Pahud de Mortanges, Anthonus van de Wetering, Jean Stemfoort and Jan van Enter, were brought to the courtyard of the prison in Besançon, France. On the way to the courtyard the men were singing the Wilhelmis, the Dutch national anthem. In the courtyard the five men were killed by the Germans. Apparently the names of the five Dutchmen are mentioned on a memorial (Aux Martyrs de la Résistance) in the courtyard of the citadel in Besançon.
Picture: 20-05-2017
Sources: Website Oorlogsgravenstichting and website https://fusilles-40-44.maitron.fr


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