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Barend Jan Aalders

Date of Birth : 11 augutus 1901
Date of Death : 05 september 1944
Age : 43
Cemetery :
Organisation : Landelijke Organisatie voor Hulp aan Onderduikers (LO)
Barend Jan Aalders was born in Deventer, The Netherlands. On 30 august 1930 he married Bertha Johanna Schoenmaker. They lived in Warnsveld. Aalders worked for the Tax Administration. In the autumn of 1942 Aalders became involved in the resistance. He was working under his alias Jo. He was among the men who planned and executed the raids on the prisons in Zutphen and Arnhem on 11 june 1944.
On 29 july 1944 Aalders was arrested, probably after the Germans got information from a previously arrested person, whom the Germans tortured to make him talk. Aalders was brought to concentration camp Vught in The Netherlands.
On 5 september 1944, at about 06.30 in the morning, Aalders was executed by the Germans. They killed more than 100 prisoners and moved the rest to concentration camps in Germany (Sachsenhausen and Ravensbrück). . 
Aalders was the districtleader of the Landelijke Organisatie voor Hulp aan onderduikers (National Organisation for Help to People in Hiding) in Zutphen. 
Sources: 'Het grote gebod deel 1' and website www.nmkampvught.nl